Hummingbird Greeter

At first you may not notice the quiet little hummingbird as you enter the trail to Meyer Ranch Park. Quietly sitting on top on a tall PVC pipe she has the best view. She can watch any water running in the little creek just a few feet from the pole. She can see the fields around her as the grasses and flowers ripple in the breeze. And she can watch hikers walking up the winding incline to the park.

She is the first thing to greet me as I leave the dusty parking lot to hike trails that allow me to see flowers and wildlife. Here the man made trails allow me to glimpse what the surrounding land looks like without the heavy hand of concrete and urban life.

She is the last thing I say goodbye to. Leaving I’m happy. I’ve recovered a little bit of the dreams of childhood in my wandering adventure. I leave excited too, because I’ll soon be back. Being outside I realize the price I pay for my house is the feeling of being disconnected with nature. At home I how walls that contain me. The hummingbird has as far as she can see.

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