This yak was born last summer and lives with a small group. I watched it stay with its mom for months. Then follow its mom. And finally venture out on its own.

Home base for this group surrounds a pond and is next to where they are fed. In the pond are often local geese or some Canadian geese that stop while flying through. Neither the geese or yak seem afraid of each other, or to have much interest in each other.

At Christmas time I saw the young yak walking of the frozen pond. It would walk to the middle of the pond and check out the dog house that had been home to the geese. Looking closer at the pond yak tracks crisscross and cover it. Apparently this new adventure is fun. I wonder is this will change the relationship of geese and yak.

First Big Snow

This weekend we had the first big snow of the winter. If would have been light and fluffy a month ago. Instead of flying off the deck from a broom it taunted the shovel and let your back know if was there.

Yesterday we were cacooned in gray. The temperature was near freezing so it was brisk, not cold. This morning it is cold but the sun is out and the sky back to Colorado blue. By the end of the day the trees with no longer carry their load and patches of grass with appear.

Today is a lazy day to watch the white fall to quickly return to the mountains.


Between Evergreen and Conifer is Marshdale. The sleepy looking area needs close inspection to find hidden history and trails.

For instance behind Marshdale Elementary is Denver Mountain Parks Conservation Property. Trails here may be best known to fourth graders who climb each spring while learning about Indians and checking out the wildlife. Starting up the trail is an old column of gray rocks. Students have added small painted rocks in the crevices leaving bright splashes of color.

New custom homes dot one side of the property. Another side has small cabins from the early 1900s. Like the column of rocks, new and old sit side by side.

Happy New Year Snow

This winter snow has not been often or heavy. On New Years Eve the snow fell lightly on and off all day and throughout the night. Waking up in 2019 the first thing to greet me was the cold.

Last Walks of 2018

Tonight there will be snow so today I’m enjoying cold weather with lots of sun at Elk Meadow. The fields are beautiful with tall grass bending gracefully in the morning light. Shadows play against the golden grasses and old buildings dot the landscape.

Single Digits

Two mornings of single digit weather. Making chili while waiting for 1pm to go walk. Today it is red chili and tiny cornbread muffins and apple pie. Living the good life with a wood fire, smell of food and the promise of a sunny afternoon.


The bison stand in groups facing away from the wind. Yesterday the wind came up with gusts of 50 miles an hour. Today it is calming down, but not giving up.

This year there were more than eight bison born. Two I saw were white like the one on the far left in the photo. The babies are sheltered behind the group.

Thanksgiving Yaks

Usually I’m in the car when I visit the yaks. Today I’m walking. I’m excited to see what may be two families. The only problem is they look a lot bigger when I’m out of the car and the fence looks really weak.

As I focus on the picture I notice the yak really don’t seem to care about me in a good way, in a bad way, not anyway. I’m thankful for these yaks on many levels.

Coming home


Driving I70 towards Evergreen west from Denver becomes a treat when you reach Genesee. You pass under the overpass at Lookout Mountain and suddenly the Rocky Mountains are in front of you.

Along the highway before Genesee you see beautiful glimpses of the mountains that are coming. But when the actual bigger than life sight hits it is more than you can take in at once. Your eyes can’t scan the horizon fast enough.

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