Annual church event

This year was the 19th Annual Alternative Fair at Evergreen Lutheran Church. An event that puts many in the community into the holiday spirit.

This gift fair differs in several ways from other gift fairs of the season. The vendors are all charities. 100% of the proceeds goes back to the charity. Local churches come together to pay for expenses, and to volunteer their time to man the event.

I love going and hearing about different charities. I meet kind and caring people from around the world and in the local area. I’m amazed at the clever and thoughtful ways people help each other.

The love flows in all directions from the gifts I buy. The charity is stronger, and the person I gift knows I love them. I can hear the person that made the item, “I made this with love.”

Stained glass

My Mother’s Day gift was a beginning stained glass workshop at Evergreen Center for the Arts. In five hours all six students got the feel for making stained glass and walked away with a completed project. Even better hanging in the window at home with sunlight coming through, the imperfections are’t visible, just the beautiful reflection of light in the colored glass.

I enjoy the workshops at the art and recreation centers. They give a chance to try a new hobby, to try equipment and supplies, to learn from the teacher where practice leads, to learn shortcuts, to learn how to avoid mistakes and to meet some really fun people.

I took a watercolor class several years ago to paint the wildflowers I was trying to learn. In the beginning family couldn’t guess the subject of my painting, but it fed my soul and got me outside, so that was okay.

I believe the beautiful of the area we live in encourages art classes. When I see the beauty outside my door the urge to catch those memories and to relive the feeling of wonder is strong.

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