Aspen glow

This year Mother Nature hurried to full color between the dry weather of fall and the prediction of a early snowfall. The yellows were bright, the reds just beginning when temperatures dropped drastically.

The beauty of the aspen is heightened by the contrast of the evergreen. It is impossible for the aspen to hide, they glow from within and shine in the shade. They are filled not just with color but with colored lights.

Driving up Squaw Pass Road towards Mount Evans the colors tease at first. Then appear more frequently along the road and in glimpses across the horizon. The road is full of curves and the line of visitors long making it difficult to pull into the small turnouts that quickly appear and disappear. Some turnouts are always filled by those that know the best spots because they make this trip each year.

Gratefully an actual parking area is not far up the mountain. People exit their cars and head through an open meadow towards groves of aspens that stand against the backdrop of mountain colors.

The area is large enough for everyone to enjoy the beauty while also having privacy. I leave my car with camera in hand to capture a piece of heaven to enjoy after the color is gone.

Once in the grove of aspens I can’t decide where to rest my eyes. Each bright color of leaves is gorgeous, the combination of colors side by side is gorgeous, and the stalk white and black bark is equally gorgeous. The entire tree fills me happiness.

Hopefully as the my yearly pilgrimages increase I will find more places to view the fall, and some of these places will become known to me as a close friend.

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