Denver Comic Con

Evergreen is less than an hour from downtown Denver. So going down the hill, which is what we call going into the city is easy. One of the annual events we enjoy is Comic Con. Being part of a huge group of people dressed up as fictional characters at the convention center it’s easy to reclaim the enthusiasm and fun of being a kid.

This year we went Friday, the first day, of Comic Con. It was wonderful because there were lots of people, but not so crowded that you had to weave down the aisles bumping into those you passed. You got to see everyone’s outfits and people could stop and pose for pictures.

Comic Con has no one type of character. There is every kind of character you can imagine. Just in our group we had: three evil looking medieval travelers, Wanda and Cosmos from the Fairy Odd Parents, a distinguished steam punk gentleman and a Pokemon trainer.

Walking to the convention center from a nearby parking lot the excitement starts to build as we see more and more costumes. As we walked in there was a group of minions and Gru. Following them were Star Troopers. Wandering around in his bathrobe was the Dude.

Batman and Spiderman were some of the best at posing for pictures. They didn’t just stand still, but struck an action pose and often even had little LED lights in the gloves for special effects.

In the food court it is fun seeing families or friends sitting together in coordinating costumes. They form little worlds of their own. Looking at all of the tables is like looking at a universe where you can see the inhabitants by just turning your head and looking.

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