Marshdale hike- part 2

Besides celebrating finding the path to the top I enjoyed finding some of the first green of spring.

Heading up the path were plants with tiny white flowers and leathery green leaves growing very low to the ground called kinnikinnick. The leaves and bark from this plant have been used for smoking and the berries for bladder and kidney problems.

On top of the ridge was what appeared to be a large bonsai tree. The branches were twisted and one side had a low branch seat perfect for surveying the sights.

The ridge just out in several directions. Looking from one rock wall to the next you see trees growing out at angles, hanging at times as if suspended in mid air.

Mullein plants were beginning in the crevices along the path where water runs down the hills. They were just fuzzy leaves. Next a shoot will appear and the stalk will be topped with little yellow flowers. The leaves of the plant have also been used to smoke, and in this case help with respiratory problems.

We’ve had a lot of snow so the plants are fresh, without blemish. They are showing up where moisture was heavy. As summer comes the heat and dry will take its toll and the plants will blend into the arid landscape.

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