Bomb cyclone

March 13 the bomb cyclone hit Evergreen. It rained early morning, then snow started to get heavy mid-morning and continued into the night. The thing I noticed most was the high winds that whipped the snow and left visibility only a few feet. Lucily the original forecast changed; we missed the heart of the storm. After several hours of wind and snow it was nice to know the storm was not staying, that we might not lose power. School was cancelled but this was not the weather you could enjoy.

March 14th we alternated shoveling and playing outside with the dogs.Snow ranged from one to two feet; the winds were gone. School was cancelled so roads would have time to be cleared.

Three days later mounds of snow still border the roads. How wonderful this winter has been for moisture. There’s a good chance wildflowers will appears that have been dormit for years. And even better news is the extra moisture will ward off springs fires.

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